Who We Are

Timothea on the beach

Timothea Sharpe MSW, M.Div., LISW-CP

Parish Pastor, Social Work Therapist

The Director, Timothea Sharpe brings to this ministry 30 years experience in Social Work as a private practice therapist and in Lutheran Ministry as a parish pastor, counseling with individuals, children, and families who are hurting.

A 1982 graduate of the School of Social Work at USC, she began her professional career with children and families at Richland County DSS in S.C. in 1977. She was named Outstanding Trainer of the Year in 2001 having served as trainer of volunteers for the Richland County Guardian Ad Litem program for 13 years.

In addition to workshops on children and families, Timothea has been a frequent workshop and retreat leader on a variety of mental health related topics. (Click on "Workshops" for list of topics.) Her combined social work/ministry experience has been the background for numerous presentations on the integration of faith and social work practice.

Timothea serves with her clergy spouse as co-pastor of Mt. Hebron Lutheran Church in Leesville, SC, (a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America).

Al on the Lake

Al Potter M.Div.

Parish Pastor-retired, Hospice Chaplain


The beautiful Whelk is actually a sea snail, and sought after by beachcombers the world over. The less than perfect, or broken shells, are usually dropped on the ground or tossed out into the waves. To the careful observer, however, the broken shell reveals an inner beauty far greater than the ones so often kept for their perfection. Many, sometimes even all, of the twists and turns of the shell's life can be seen and examined. Often there are bits and pieces of other shells caught inside. Always, there's a story to tell. The Whelk is our emblem or logo at Midlands Pastoral Care Associates. We sign on to walk the paths of your life if you choose to take our hand.

Our logo was drawn by artist Billie Harmon of Leesville, SC.

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